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Meet Our Team

Rent City Property Management is based in Elk Grove, CA. Many of us were raised in Sacramento and share similar backgrounds. Please take some time to read a little about each of us below to get a little more familiar with our team.

Heidi Van, Property Manager

Heidi Van is the Founder of Rent City Property Management, LLC. She has lived over 30 years in the Sacramento community and understands the needs of our local market. Heidi is also a Landlord and Property Investor as well as a Property Manager. She understands what a Landlord needs to manage their investments.

This is what Heidi has to say:

"I am happily married for the past seven years. I love to spend time with my two young energetic children. In addition to spending time with my family, I love coming to work; the Rent City Team is my second family. Everyone comes in and work hard and helps each other. We love what we do and we spend time outside of work. We have annual events, holiday dinners, birthday parties and casual outings. We are a family"

Thomas Quach, Office Manager

Thomas Quach is our Office Manager for Rent City Property Management, LLC. Thomas has lived in Sacramento for over 20 years. Thomas is multi-lingual and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and English. He is also a Landlord and understands the unique needs of the Investor Owner. Thomas is a very friendly and hands on type of manager. Every customer who has met Thomas has commented that he is very friendly and approachable. Thomas is the first person to come to work and the last person to turn the lights off. He is the glue that keeps the team together.

This is what Thomas has to say:

"I believe you grow by meeting new people and learning new things. Rent City has giving me this opportunity to grow. In my spare time, I love to travel and experience new places. My other passion is food; I love to eat and to explore new cuisine. Occasionally I like to spoil the team with unique dishes. Everyone looks forward to the next creative meal. It is nice to have a team that has same passion in food like I do”.

Emily – PM Assistant / Accounting Assistant

Emily was the first team member to join the Rent City Team. She has helped us grow from a hands-on system to a modern system. Emily was born and raised in Sacramento and she recently graduated from the California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accountancy and Accounting Information systems.

This is what Emily has to say:

"I have applied the lessons from my education into a career that expands my horizons. At Rent City, I have learned a great deal of information that is valuable in my career as well as in my personal life. The best part of being in this office is to be near people that are genuinely nice to me. My hobbies include spending time with my dog, watching movies, and trying new foods”

Annie – PM Assistant / Office Bookkeeper

Annie joined the Rent City family and she loves the experience. She has a very diverse skill set and can handle different roles efficiently. Annie was born and raised in Sacramento. Annie graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 2011, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Finance, Risk Management and Insurance, and Human Behavioral and Organizational Management.

This is what Annie has to say:

“I am glad I joined Rent City. Rent City has given me the opportunity to learn real life experiences. These include customer relations, bookkeeping, software and technology. These lessons will become a part of me as I excel in my career. Rent City has given me the opportunity to enjoy what I do in a family oriented environment. When I am away from the office, I enjoy exploring new foods and venues such as camping, hiking and outdoor activities. I always look forward to the next team event!”

Cindy – PM Assistant

Cindy was born and raised in Sacramento. She understands the local region very well. She became interested in the housing industry and joined Rent City. She is currently attending Consumes River College. Cindy is very focused and thorough in her duties. She looks forward going to work.

This is what Cindy has to say:

“Everyone in the office is very nice. I am constantly learning new area of the rental industry. The best part of being here is to enjoy my time with my colleagues. We have a great time in the office as well as away. I like to shop and enjoy great food. It’s satisfying to being around nice people.

Tanya – PM Assistant

Tanya has lived in Sacramento since 1999. Currently, she is attending Sacramento City College and is working towards her Business Degree and plans on transferring to California State University, Sacramento. Tanya is very energetic and eager to learn new areas of the rental industry.

This is what Tanya has to say:

"Being a part of Rent City’s team was one of the best decisions I have made. The team has encouraged my college studies and has always been supportive in my educations such as work schedule flexibility in order to complete my courses. It’s not often that you have a work environment that cares about your future; I have found Rent City to be very supportive of my personal goals. In addition to work and my education, I like to spend time with my family, my friends and my team. When time permits, I like to takes road trips, see new places, and try new foods. Thank you Team, I definitely look forward to the next event trip!

Rong “Ron” Pei – On Site Support Team

Ron joined Rent City in 2012 as a member of the On Site Support Team. Ron is very familiar with the Sacramento region and has lived here since 2002. Ron is a very optimistic and has a positive outlook on life. Ron always has a smile on his face and willing to help everyone.

This is what Rong has to say:

“I have lived in many countries and cities. Sacramento has a very down to earth, humble and friendly attitude. The perceptions I get from the people I meet is amazing. My job has given me the opportunity to meet many fascinating people. I truly enjoy my work. I like to have fun on my spare time. Sacramento is the perfect location, 2 hours away from the mountain and 1.5 hours away from the city. My favorite hobby is to cook. My friends and I like to take turns and host Iron Chef Events at each other’s homes. The meals are always enjoyable when with great friends”.

Tony Nguyen – On Site Support Team

Tony recently joined Rent City and he is very experienced with computers. He interacts with the customers and resolves network issues. Tony received a Bachelor’s in Science Degree in Health Care Administration from California State University, Sacramento. He is currently working towards an Associate Degree in Registered Nursing.

This is what Tony has to say:

"I am the newest addition to the Rent City team. The work I do at Rent City is different from what I am studying; it gives me valuable experience. I am thankful to Rent City for the opportunity to learn an area that gives me new experiences and broadens my knowledge. I like to spend time with my friends, watch movies, travel, camping and outdoor recreational activities”.